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Structuralism: Methods of structural analysis →  May 7, 2012

Modern scientists have come to an understanding that structural analysis has set the perfect background for the development of structuralism. Linguists see language as a complicated structure of elements, moreover all of these elements form specific relations. The main task of structuralism is to study these connections and analyze specific patterns. In the 20th century […]

The method of corpus analysis →  May 6, 2012

British National Corpus: Corpus is a large collection of computer-readable writing. Corpus linguistics is a study of linguistics that includes all processes related to processing, usage of analysis of written and spoken machine-readable corpora. Longman Written American Corpus comprised of 100 million words of American newspaper and book texts. On their official website one could find […]

General methods of obtaining and processing linguistic data →  February 24, 2012

The present-day linguistics 1. Informants 2. Recording 3. Elicitation 4. Experiments 5. Reconstruction 6. The comparative method 7. Quantitative method 8. Computer techniques 9. Corpora Method – is means of description of linguistic data. Aims of linguistics: + to collect data + to design methods + to construct theories Linguistics is connected with arts, physics, […]