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Adverb: Morphological properties →  July 11, 2012

The adverb has no morphological properties that may be regarded as specifically adverbial and be used as a criterion to define its morphological status. Absence of inflections is not restricted to adverbs only; degrees of comparison do not cover all the members of this part of speech; only some adverbs are formed by the derivational […]

Adverb: Semantic classification →  July 11, 2012

Adverbs may be classified not only on the ground of their morphemic composition but also on the ground of their semantic characteristics. As a rule, semantically, adverbs are divided into the two large classes: 1) qualita­tive, 2) quantitative and 3) circumstantial. Qualitative adverbs express immediate, inherently non-graded quali­ties of actions and other qualities. In the […]

Adverb: Morphemic structure →  July 11, 2012

If the morphemic structure is taken as a ground of classification, adverbs fall into six groups: 1) The first largest group is made up of those adverbs formed from derived and base adjectives by adding the suffix -ly: evenly, smoothly, glamorously, beautifully, wonderfully, etc. 2) The second group originally very small, but in present-day English […]

Adverb: Grammatical meaning →  July 10, 2012

It might be expected that, since the adverb is a traditional part of speech, all debates over its status and properties are over. It is far from the truth. Ap­proaches to the adverb have been numerous: the adverb has undergone func­tional-semantic analysis, syntactic analysis, the correlation of its grammatical and lexical meanings has also been […]