Designer methods of the Spirited 70’s – English Methodology

May 18th, 20117:17 am


Designer methods of the Spirited 70’s – English Methodology

Designer methods of the Spirited 70’s – English Methodology

The decade of the 70’s in the previous century was historically significant on two counts:

1) perhaps more than another decades research of second language learning and teaching grew from offshoot of linguistics to a discipline in its own right.
As more and more scholars specialized the efforts in second language acquisition studies the knowledge of how people learn languages inside and outside of the classroom.
2) in this spirited atmosphere of pioneering research a number of innovative if not revolutionary methods were conceived (originated).

These designer methods were soon marketed by enterprises and the latest and the greatest applications of the multi-disciplinary research findings (results) of the day.

Today as we look back at these methods we can applaud them for their attempt to rouse the language teaching out of its audio-lingual sleep and for the stimulations of even more research as we discover why they were not got sent. That the inventors and marketers hoped they would be. The scrutiny that the designer methods underwent has enabled us today to incorporate certain elements there of in our current communicative interactive approach. * Approach refers to theoretical positions and beliefs about the nature of language learning and the applicability of both to pedagogical settings.

Techniques are short terms limited and discreet teaching activities with the specific teaching objectives such as presentation, demonstration, conciliation, repetition, ect.

Principles are basic and didactic provisions which determine the choice of teaching activities, common, essential learning devices and other means of instruction.

Method is a specific set of teaching techniques and practices generally backed by stated principles.

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