Eclectic Method – English Methodology

September 5th, 20119:33 am


Eclectic Method – English Methodology

Eclectic Method

Having come to the realisation that each learner possesses distinct cognitive and personality traits, it follows that one teaching methodology will not be the most appropriate for all students. The recent tendency has therefore been towards eclecticism, selecting materials and techniques from various sources.

This obviously puts a much larger responsibility on the teacher, for now he should be familiar with a much wider range of materials, exercises and activities than before. It is no longer a matter of picking up the textbook and following it page by page.

Depending on the content and difficulty of the subject matter, the learner would apply one or more of these different types of learning in a given situation. Evidently, if the teacher is to be aware of this multiple individual cognitive and personality factors and be able diagnose and utilise them to the fullest, he must have more than a passing knowledge of recent investigation in all related sciences. But the problem lies not only in the amount of information to be mastered but also in the organization and application of that knowledge to a practical situation.

An eclecticist tries to absorb the best techniques of all well-known language-teaching methods into his classroom procedures and seeks the balanced development of all four skills at all stages while retaining emphasis on an oral presentation first. He adopts his methods to the changing objectives of the day and to the types of students who pass through his classroom. The eclectic teacher is imaginative, energetic, resourceful, and willing to experiment. His lessons are varied and interesting.


1. Some grammatical explanations in native language.

2. Translation as short cut to conveying meaning.

3. Balanced development of four skills at all stages with emphasis on aural-oral procedures.

4. Adjustments according to needs of class and personalities of teachers.

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