Francois Gouin Series Methods – Methodology of FLT →  May 18, 2011

Francois Gouin Series Methods Francois Gouin (German teacher of Latin) traveled to Germany to learn German but he had to go through a certain painful set of experiences to drive his insights into the learning of FL. Having decided in his mid-aged life to learn German he took his residence there for a year. But […]

How to Write a Summary of the Text →  May 7, 2011

How to Write a Summary of the Text 1. A summary is a clear concise orderly retelling of the contents of a passage or a text and is ordinarily about 1/3 or 1/4 as long as the original. The ability to get at the essence of a matter is important. The first and most important […]

Remembering – Foreign Language Teaching →  April 30, 2011

Remembering One of the most important processes in language acquisition is the remembering of what has been learned. Psychologically, memory is not a reservoir of past events. It is rather an adjustment between past impressions and present demands. It is not a faculty but a process, or rather a group of mutually related processes. From […]

Teaching Writing – Methodology of FLT →  April 27, 2011

Teaching Writing Writing is a complex skill that provides communication between the people by means of graphic signs. Like speaking, it is a productive kind of activity; we record our messages to convey them to the recipient. The product of this activity is a text that is subject to reproduction. Writing as well as reading […]

Teaching Translation →  April 27, 2011

Teaching Translation   Translation is concerned with written and spoken rendering of the meaning of words, groups of words, sentences and texts in another language. As a form of communication it establishes contacts between communicants who speak different languages. Translation (word-for word, adequate, free, literary) is employed by the teacher at the initial, intermediate, and […]

Direction for Instruction – Foreign Language Teaching →  April 20, 2011

Direction for Instruction   Curriculum Overview The word curriculum has been used in a variety of ways. It has been used to mean: 1.      A school’s written courses of study and other instruction materials. 2.      The subject matter taught to the students. 3.      The courses offered in a school. 4.      The planned experiences of the […]

Lesson – Methodology of FLT →  April 3, 2011

Lesson   Teacher training is seen as a student-centered activity not simply as the delivery of prescribed formulae. The learners are encouraged to develop the awareness of the teaching/learning process in class and outside school hours, on a group basis and individually. True group work is designed to make the members of the group interact […]

Interactive Theories – Methodology of FLT →  April 1, 2011

Interactive Theories   An interactive theoretical model of the reading process depicts reading as a combination of two types of processing – top-down (reader based) and bottom-up (text based) – in continuous interaction. In top-down processing, the act of reading begins with the reader generating hypotheses or predictions about the material, using visual cues (cf. […]

Функції заголовку в літературних творах →  March 25, 2011

Нижче наведено частину дослідження “Гендерно-родові особливості заголовків англійських прозових літературних творів“. За цим посиланням ви зможете знайти детальний опис роботи і список джерел. Функції заголовку в літературних творах Заголовок має свої функції, які знаходяться в постійній взаємодії та їх поділяють на зовнішні та внутрішні. Поділ заголовків відбувається на тій підставі, що позиція читача вважається зовнішньої […]

Типологія заголовку літературного твору →  March 25, 2011

Нижче наведено частину дослідження “Гендерно-родові особливості заголовків англійських прозових літературних творів“. За цим посиланням ви зможете знайти детальний опис роботи і список джерел. Типологія заголовку літературного твору Заголовок – це перший рядок тексту, який виділений графічно та який містить в собі назву твору. Це основний компонент тексту, від якого рідко відмовляються автори, тому що саме […]