Архів обранного тега »deixis«

Pronoun: Grammatical meaning →  June 23, 2012

Pronouns are characterized by an extremely generalizing meaning: they point out objects, entities, abstract notions and their qualities without nam­ing them. This generalizing part of speech is actualized contextually, and is deprived of any meaning outside a particular context. In other words, pro­nouns never name an object or its quality, pronouns only point them out […]

Tense category of verbs: Tense and Deixis →  June 16, 2012

Time itself does not provide any landmarks in terms of which one can lo­cate situations. Even if time had had a beginning, we do not know where that beginning was, so we cannot locate anything else relative to that beginning. In principle a number of logical possibilities for reference points are available, and for lexically […]

Pragmatics of communication →  May 13, 2012

1) Pragmatics as a science 2) Pragmatic components of communication 3) Maxims of communication 4) Communicative meaning of the utterance 1. The modern use of the term “pragmatics” which comes from Greek word (meaning deed or state of affairs) is attributed to the philosopher Charles Morris, who outlined the scope of the science of signs […]