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Modal words in English – Part 2 →  July 11, 2012

Modal words in English – Part 1 Compound modal words are formed syntactically, i.e. from set expres­sions acquiring gradually properties of a word. The set expressions may be of various types. Sometimes, these are of the “preposition + noun” structure. One of the conditions that enable this word combination to transform into a modal word […]

Tense category of verbs: Definition →  June 16, 2012

The idea of locating situations in time is a purely conceptual notion. All the events are referred to one of the three time dimensions – the present, the past, or the future. All human languages have ways of locating in time but they do, however, differ from one another on two parameters. The first dif­ference […]

Noun: Category of case in modern English grammars – Part 2 →  March 30, 2012

Noun: Category of case in modern English grammars – Part 1 We have considered the three theories which, if at basically different angles, proceed from the assumption that the English noun docs distinguish the grammatical case in its functional structure. However, another view of the problem of the English noun cases has been put forward […]