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Correlation between the meaning of a word combination and the meaning of its components →  September 29, 2012

The meaning of a word combination does not equate to a simple sum of the meanings of its components but appears an intricate interlacement of lexical meaning of combining units. Thus, for instance, the isolated use of the noun axis is associated, first of all, with a part of a construction. However, when this noun […]

Definition of the word combination →  September 21, 2012

In this book, we shall operate with the term “word combination”, though it should be pointed out that the syntactic terminology varies from author to author. Thus, Professor Illiysh operates with the term “phrase”. The definition given by the scholar to the phrase (“every combination of two or more words which is a grammatical unit […]

Interjection: Syntactic functions →  July 11, 2012

English interjections tend to be used as independent word-sentences ei­ther in the principal clause, which they make more emotional, or in isolation. Used with the principal clause, interjections occur, as a rule, in pre-position, or – sometimes – in post-position. Used in isolation, an interjection retains its relations with the utterance, since this part of […]