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Stylistic lexicology – Denotative and connotative meanings of a word →  October 19, 2010

Stylistic lexicology 1.     Denotative and connotative meanings of a word 2.     Main types of connotation: pragmatic, associative, ideological, conceptual, evaluative, emotive, expressive, stylistic 3.     Neutral and stylistically marked vocabulary 4.     The use of polysemy for stylistic purposes: polysemantic effect. Being the medium of verbal communication language is capable of transmitting actually any type of information. […]

Stylistics – Essential stylistic notions →  October 6, 2010

Essential stylistic notions Style – the word style is used in many senses, it is variously applied to the teaching how to write a composition, it is used to reveal the correspondence between thought and expression, it also denotes an individual manner of making use of language. Among the most frequent definitions is one formulated […]