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Verbal Category of Voice →  June 26, 2012

The verbal category of Voice is an expression of relationship between an action and its subject and object. In other words, as a grammatical cat­egory, Voice shows the relation between the action and its subject, namely, it indicates whether the action is performed by the subject or passes on to it. As a result, Voice […]

Verbal Category of Voice – Part 2 →  June 26, 2012

Verbal Category of Voice Although a number of criteria to differentiate between a simple predicate expressed by a verb in Passive and a compound nominal predicate have been put forward, yet this question is disputable. The identical form and absence of precise distinction of categorical meaning (passive meaning as an action performed on the subject […]

Verb: Perfective and Imperfective Aspect →  June 26, 2012

Perfective and Imperfective Aspect In English three main time divisions (present, past and future) are con­veyed by fourteen verbal forms. The existence of the fourteen forms may be explained only by some additional meanings peculiar to these forms be­cause in the majority of cases their time reference coincides (cf. He has beentranslating – He has […]

Verb: Perfective and Imperfective Aspect – Part 2 →  June 26, 2012

Verb: Perfective and Imperfective Aspect – Part 1 Having clarified the difference between habituality and iterativity, we may now turn to the definition of habituality itself. The feature that is com­mon to habituality is that its means describe a situation which is character­istic of an extended period of time, so extended that the situation referred […]