Developing of Learner’s Interest

August 30th, 20116:14 am


Developing of Learner’s Interest

Developing of Learner’s Interest


No work is likely to be successfully accomplished if the learner is not interested in what he is doing, but in our effort to interest the pupil we must take care that the quality of teaching does not suffer. Habit-forming work has the reputation of being dull and tedious. The true remedy is to devise a number of varied and appropriate exercises in order to make the habit-forming work itself interesting.

There are notably six factors making for motivation, viz.

1. The elimination of bewilderment. Difficulty is one thing, bewilderment is another. The student must be confronted with difficulties, but he should never be faced with hopeless puzzles. Rational explanations and good grading will eliminate bewilderment and, in so doing, will tend to make the course interesting.

2. The sense of progress achieved. When the student feels that he is making progress, he will rarely fail to be interested in his work.

3. Competition. The spirit of emulation adds zest to all study.

4. Role-play. Many forms of exercises so resemble games that they are often considered as interesting as chess and similar pastimes.

5. The relations between teacher and student. The right attitude of the teacher towards his pupils will contribute largely towards the interest taken in the work.

6. Variety. Any change of work generally adds interest. Spells of drill work should be relieved by intervals of less monotonous work.

7. Heuristics.

Thus, the key to successful language learning is the atmosphere of co-operation and encouragement created in the classroom by teacher and students working together. Classes should be enjoyable, informative and fun. The whole variety of teaching techniques should ensure lively, interesting and productive lessons with ample opportunities for the students to contribute their own ideas and experiences.

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