Архів обранного тега »English verbids«

Tense of English non-finite forms →  July 10, 2012

The specific tense system has already been discussed while analyz­ing the English verb. As a result, the three types of tense have been distin­guished – absolute, relative and absolute-relative. As it has been mentioned above, the English verbids have the following categories: tense and voice. It is therefore necessary to clarify the type of the […]

Non-finite forms of the English verb →  November 7, 2009

From theoretical observations, one may conclude that the verb has pecu­liarities of two types. The peculiarities of the first type are verbal proper, i.e. they convey purely verbal grammatical meanings, meanings that no other part of speech possesses. These peculiarities (or, to be exact, categories) do not depend on syntagmatic relations, that is, they are […]