Архів обранного тега »Glossematics«

Glossematics →  September 19, 2012

Glossematics is a rigorous study of language at the level of its most basic unit or component which carries meaning, the glosseme. The term was coined by the Danish linguists, Louis Hjelmslev and Hans Jorgen Uldall, as a neologism combining glossary with mathematics to indicate a formal­ized system of study. The scientists’ ideas formed the […]

Glossematics – Part 2 →  September 19, 2012

Glossematics – Part 1 Hjelmslev distinguishes three types of relations in human language: 1) interdependence; 2) determination, i.e. one-side dependence; 3) constellation, i.e. weak dependence or even no dependence. Thus, traditional linguistics that divides grammar into morphology and syntax and treats relations between words in word combinations and rela­tions between parts of speech as different […]