Архів обранного тега »heuristics«

Communicative Method of FLT →  September 5, 2011

Communicative Method of FLT   A comparative study of methods and approaches in TEFL/TESL has shown that the past methodologies seem to have pursued too narrow objectives. A flexible uniform language-teaching strategy should be based on a careful selection of facets of various methods and their integration into a cohesive, coherent working procedure that will […]

Heuristics (Problem Solving) →  August 31, 2011

Heuristics (Problem Solving) Heuristics is akin to Cognitive Code-Learning Theory that stressed on the necessity “to engage the student’s full mental powers”. Heuristics is understood here as the ability of teachers to provide new ideas, aid and direction that will help learners solve specified problem-posing tasks. In current methodology heuristics is the principle of instruction […]

Principles of FLT (Foreign Language Teaching) →  August 28, 2011

Principles of FLT The methodology of FLT is based on fundamental principles of didactics: – the principle of conscious approach; – communicative approach; – differentiated and integrated instruction; – activity; – visuality; – accessibility and durability; – individualization; – consecutiveness; – systematicness; –  heuristics, etc.   The Principle of Conscious Approach It is one of […]