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Middle English Vowels and Consonants →  September 30, 2011

Middle English Vowels 1. During this period the language underwent such qualitative changes: 1. In Middle English Vowels in the final unstressed position are reduced (or levelled). 2. Monophthongs’ development in Middle English language:     З. ОЕ diphthongs are monophthongized: 4. Vocalization of ƺ after e, æ and w after o, a. 5.The sounds […]

Old English Consonants →  September 30, 2011

1. Only 14 phonemes: p, b, m, f, t, d, n, s, r, 1, þ, (ð), c, ƺ, h. 2. OE voiceless cons, surrounded by voiced sounds becomes voiced, and a voiced cons, when final is unvoiced. 3. Absence of affricates and fricatives (tʃ, dƺ, ƺ). 4. Dependence of quality upon environment: Among the 14 […]

History of English: its Subject, Object, Aim, and Problems →  September 9, 2011

It is well known that language, whether it is English, Russian or any other, is a historical phenomenon. As such it does not stay unchanged for any considerable period of time, or for any lime at all, but it is constantly changing throughout its history. The changes affect all the spheres of the language: grammar […]