Архів обранного тега »interjection«

Interjection: Grammatical meaning →  July 11, 2012

The interjection is a grammatically unchangeable part of speech that ex­presses human emotions, states of mood and volition without naming them. The latter property makes it possible for some scholars to contrast interjec­tions with so-called “intellectual words”. Interjections differ from all other parts of speech in their origin, specific nomination, phonetic structure as well as […]

Interjection: Structural and semantic classifications →  July 11, 2012

According to their derivational pattern, English interjections are as a rule divided into primary (simple) and secondary (derivative). Primary interjections (ah, hush, oh, ouch, ugh, wow) stem from reflex involuntary exclamations and sounds that represent the speaker’s immediate reaction to a certain event. Contrary to reflex exclamations and sounds that do not belong to the […]

Interjection: Syntactic functions →  July 11, 2012

English interjections tend to be used as independent word-sentences ei­ther in the principal clause, which they make more emotional, or in isolation. Used with the principal clause, interjections occur, as a rule, in pre-position, or – sometimes – in post-position. Used in isolation, an interjection retains its relations with the utterance, since this part of […]

Stylistic lexicology – Denotative and connotative meanings of a word →  October 19, 2010

Stylistic lexicology 1.     Denotative and connotative meanings of a word 2.     Main types of connotation: pragmatic, associative, ideological, conceptual, evaluative, emotive, expressive, stylistic 3.     Neutral and stylistically marked vocabulary 4.     The use of polysemy for stylistic purposes: polysemantic effect. Being the medium of verbal communication language is capable of transmitting actually any type of information. […]