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The Technology of Teaching Speaking →  September 5, 2011

The Technology of Teaching Speaking Speaking is the most complex of linguistic skills, since it involves thinking of what is to be said while saying what has been thought. In order to be able to do this words must be put at a rapid rate with a spacing about 5 – 10 words ahead of […]

Teaching Speaking – English Methodology →  September 5, 2011

Teaching Speaking Speaking is a varied and complex phenomenon which covers such categories as function ( a means of communication), type (one of the kinds of man’s activity) and result or product of such activity which leads to an utterance. Thus, speaking is not only a means of activity, it is also a means of […]

Eclectic Method – English Methodology →  September 5, 2011

Eclectic Method Having come to the realisation that each learner possesses distinct cognitive and personality traits, it follows that one teaching methodology will not be the most appropriate for all students. The recent tendency has therefore been towards eclecticism, selecting materials and techniques from various sources. This obviously puts a much larger responsibility on the […]

Cognitive Code-Learning Theory (CC-LT) or the Trend toward Cognitive Activity →  September 5, 2011

Cognitive Code-Learning Theory (CC-LT) or the Trend toward Cognitive Activity The trend toward a more active use of the students’ mental powers probably represents the most important effort of the cognitive theory of language acquisition. Advocates of the A-LM often advised the teacher to keep students “active” – since, they said, when a student is […]