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Glossematics →  September 19, 2012

Glossematics is a rigorous study of language at the level of its most basic unit or component which carries meaning, the glosseme. The term was coined by the Danish linguists, Louis Hjelmslev and Hans Jorgen Uldall, as a neologism combining glossary with mathematics to indicate a formal­ized system of study. The scientists’ ideas formed the […]

Noun: Number →  March 29, 2012

The category of number in English, like in most other languages, is expressed by the opposition of the plural form of the noun to the singular form. The singular form coincides with the basic form of a noun, whereas the plural form is expressed by means of the formant -s (-es) in writing. Pro­nunciation of […]

Subcategorization of nouns: formal classification →  March 6, 2012

There may also be a subcategorization of common nouns that uses the grammatical category of number as a criterion. This subcategorization is also called a formal subcategorization. This approach divides common nouns into count nouns (or countables) and mass nouns (or uncountables). This differentiation is intrinsically oriented to extralingual reality as countables, as a rule, […]

Morphological theory in the 20th-century Western linguistics – Part 2 →  March 2, 2012

Morphological theory in the 20th-century Western linguistics – Part 1 Whereas the first four parts of speech possess three distinctive features, the fifth group is formed only on the ground of morphological indeclinability of these words. The linguist claims that traditional division of “particles” exaggerates their difference and diminishes their obvious similarity. For ex­ample, in […]