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Correlation between the meaning of a word combination and the meaning of its components →  September 29, 2012

The meaning of a word combination does not equate to a simple sum of the meanings of its components but appears an intricate interlacement of lexical meaning of combining units. Thus, for instance, the isolated use of the noun axis is associated, first of all, with a part of a construction. However, when this noun […]

Preposition: grammatical meaning →  July 14, 2012

Defining the preposition, linguists usually point out three main proper­ties: 1) the preposition is a functional part of speech, i.e. a preposition cannot perform an independent syntactic function; 2) the preposition is a word ex­pressing subordinate relations between lexical parts of speech; 3) the preposition is a word with an obligatory pre-nounal position: it may […]

Adjective: Syntactic functions →  June 9, 2012

The main syntactic function of adjectives is that of an attribute. As a rule, attributes expressed by adjectives precede nouns that are modified. However, attributes may also occur in a post-position, which gives them additional emphasis: A plastic ball, in white and yellow stripes, rolled softly and with decep­tive slowness from one dry tuft of […]

Pragmatics of communication →  May 13, 2012

1) Pragmatics as a science 2) Pragmatic components of communication 3) Maxims of communication 4) Communicative meaning of the utterance 1. The modern use of the term “pragmatics” which comes from Greek word (meaning deed or state of affairs) is attributed to the philosopher Charles Morris, who outlined the scope of the science of signs […]