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Methodology and Related Sciences – Linguistics →  September 7, 2011

Methodology and Linguistics Learning to speak a foreign language is acquiring the ability to express oneself in different sounds and words through the use of a different grammar. Some sounds, words as items of grammar may or may not have counterparts in the native language and these may have meanings or content which are similar […]

Community Language Learning (CLL) – Methodology of FLT →  May 18, 2011

Community Language Learning (CLL) – Methodology of FLT The age of audio-lingualism with its emphasis of surface forms and the rote practice (A-Z and vice versa) of scientifically produced patterns began to wane (die out), when the Chomskyan revolution in linguistics turned linguists and language teachers toward the “deep structures” and when psychologists began to […]

Francois Gouin Series Methods – Methodology of FLT →  May 18, 2011

Francois Gouin Series Methods Francois Gouin (German teacher of Latin) traveled to Germany to learn German but he had to go through a certain painful set of experiences to drive his insights into the learning of FL. Having decided in his mid-aged life to learn German he took his residence there for a year. But […]

Remembering – Foreign Language Teaching →  April 30, 2011

Remembering One of the most important processes in language acquisition is the remembering of what has been learned. Psychologically, memory is not a reservoir of past events. It is rather an adjustment between past impressions and present demands. It is not a faculty but a process, or rather a group of mutually related processes. From […]

Direction for Instruction – Foreign Language Teaching →  April 20, 2011

Direction for Instruction   Curriculum Overview The word curriculum has been used in a variety of ways. It has been used to mean: 1.      A school’s written courses of study and other instruction materials. 2.      The subject matter taught to the students. 3.      The courses offered in a school. 4.      The planned experiences of the […]

Lesson – Methodology of FLT →  April 3, 2011

Lesson   Teacher training is seen as a student-centered activity not simply as the delivery of prescribed formulae. The learners are encouraged to develop the awareness of the teaching/learning process in class and outside school hours, on a group basis and individually. True group work is designed to make the members of the group interact […]

Interactive Theories – Methodology of FLT →  April 1, 2011

Interactive Theories   An interactive theoretical model of the reading process depicts reading as a combination of two types of processing – top-down (reader based) and bottom-up (text based) – in continuous interaction. In top-down processing, the act of reading begins with the reader generating hypotheses or predictions about the material, using visual cues (cf. […]