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Tense of English non-finite forms →  July 10, 2012

The specific tense system has already been discussed while analyz­ing the English verb. As a result, the three types of tense have been distin­guished – absolute, relative and absolute-relative. As it has been mentioned above, the English verbids have the following categories: tense and voice. It is therefore necessary to clarify the type of the […]

Tense of English non-finite forms – Part 2 →  July 10, 2012

Tense of English non-finite forms – Part 1 In looking for examples of relative time reference, it is essential to en­sure that the relative time reference interpretation is part of the meaning of the form in question, rather than an implicature derived from, in part, the context. One area which is particularly confusing in this […]

Verb: Absolute, relative and absolute-relative tenses →  June 17, 2012

As it has been mentioned above, the notion “moment of speech” is ex­tremely important for the tense category because it provides a reference point with objective time. However, only Simple/Indefinite forms (Present, Past, and Future) use the moment of speech in this way. Forms that relate events with the speaking moment are called absolute. Use […]

Verb Time and Tense Correlation – Past →  June 17, 2012

Past  The meaning of the past tense is location in time prior to the present moment, and any further deductions about temporal location that are made on the basis of individual sentences in the past tense are the result of factors other than simply the choice of tense. On other words, the past tense sim­ply […]

Verb Time and Tense Correlation – Future →  June 17, 2012

Future In terms of the analysis of tense presented so far, it might seem straight­forward to define future tense as locating a situation at a time Subsequent to the present moment. One would then be able to elaborate on this, in particu­lar demonstrating that any deduction that the situation in question does not hold at […]

Tense category of verbs: Tense and Deixis →  June 16, 2012

Time itself does not provide any landmarks in terms of which one can lo­cate situations. Even if time had had a beginning, we do not know where that beginning was, so we cannot locate anything else relative to that beginning. In principle a number of logical possibilities for reference points are available, and for lexically […]

Tense category of verbs: Definition →  June 16, 2012

The idea of locating situations in time is a purely conceptual notion. All the events are referred to one of the three time dimensions – the present, the past, or the future. All human languages have ways of locating in time but they do, however, differ from one another on two parameters. The first dif­ference […]