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Post-Saussurean syntactic theories – Part 2 →  September 20, 2012

Post-Saussurean syntactic theories – Part 1 Analyzing syntactic theories, worked out on the basis of Saussurean work, one cannot but mention works by the leaders of the Prague Linguis­tic Circle founded in 1926. The Circle became known around the world as the Prague School. It has had significant continuing influence on linguistics and semiotics. After the World […]

Descriptive linguistics – Part 3 →  July 26, 2012

Descriptive linguistics – Part 1 Descriptive linguistics – Part 2 Thus, if we compare John worked and The king of England opened the par­liamentary session, then The king of England may be the extension of John, while opened the parliamentary session is the extension of worked. The notion of extension is extremely important for Wells, […]